The lady in the sky

In late November I came across a video on Youtube of a Russian lady aviator pulling some serious G’s, which I found beyond impressive. The lady in question is 7-time world aerobatic champion Svetlana Kapanina of whom I am now a fan and after viewing the following video and links, the reader will no doubt join me in our admiration of this very talented lady.


The original is a 32-minute video and the action starts mid way through the clip, it is noteworthy that at one point in the routine the brave lady appears to be having a calm conversation on the radio while executing some serious moves.


I have edited the video to 14-minutes, however this link will direct the reader to the original video


These links will take the reader to Ms. Kapanina’s web site,  Facebook page and YouTube page.

Note, If you are using Google Chrome browser, right click on the website and you will have the option to translate (well some of the contents).